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About Taitoko

Taitoko Design & Print provides quality Computer Graphic Design and specialist Colour Printing services to all our customers. We also offer friendly and knowledgeable advice that cuts to the core of critical marketing issues.

Taitoko means ‘Shaft of Light’. Our vision is ‘Out-shining visual communication media with passion and purpose’.

Taitoko Design & Print was established in 2006 by Piri-Hira Tukapua and is grounded in a strong identity, talent, and industry experience.

To no surprise, Taitoko Design & Print started with a bang. Landing some of the biggest projects in the area, from local Council and the National Maori Business Expo to corporate and government agency work in Wellington.

One main key to success with design and print services by Taitoko Design & Print is Relationship building. Results begin with a better understanding of the client - the business, the people and their customers. We tailor our design and print services to meet your needs.

Our Mission or spirit in business is:

Creating unique and innovative design and print work - on time, using the best method and the expertise to achieve uncompromising results.

Technology today allows us to work with clients located all over New Zealand and still get the desired results. So no matter where you are, contact us.

Our Whakatauki or Proverb for inspired design is:

Utaina o mahi ki runga ki a Ihowa, a ka whakapumautia ou whakaaro.

Commit your works to the Lord and your plans will be established.For a more personal profile on the business, click here






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