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Career Services – NZ Government Agency
Logo Design, Brochure and Poster

To provide imagery that is representative of Career Services and that connects Maori clients to Career Services.


Career Services provides services for all New Zealanders. As a result clear acknowledgement of key groups within our generic audience is required in our marketing material and communications to target audiences.
One of our key target audiences are Maori. We need to provide information that is attractive and inclusive of this target group. By developing artwork that reflects key points about career decisionmaking in a form that is understood and identifiable by Maori.
The large number of Maori staff within the organisation also needs to be recognized and acknowledge through material that will encourage a sense of belonging to the organisation.
One of the government’s key goals is to develop national identity. By using Maori design elements in our materials helps to evoke a sense of national identity that is unique to New Zealand.

First, we came up with four concepts or Maori designs for Career Services to choose one from and they took them all.
Second, we planned and managed a complex photography shoot, organized talent, locations and photographer, and delivered very good results.
Third, we amalgamated design elements and photographs and delivered the Layout of an A5 Bi-fold Brochure. The cover of this was also used as an A2 poster.


The work I asked Piri-Hira to do was very important to Career Services. Following rebranding, the organization wished to produce new design elements for material specifically produced for Maori. I commissioned Taitoko Design and Print to do this work because I was impressed with Piri-Hira’s mix of vitality, freshness, careful consideration of the brief and her obviously thorough connection with Maori culture and art.

I was impressed with Piri-Hira’s approach to the work. She immediately understood the spirit and intent of the brief and rapidly added value to the project as a whole. She produced initial concepts within the agreed timeframe and these were so well planned and executed that they remained virtually unchanged.

Throughout this project I was impressed with Piri-Hira’s businesslike and personable approach and I was totally satisfied with her creative work. She grasps the real intent of projects and develops excellent solutions. At the same time she manages project practicalities efficiently and with ease, and remains open and approachable throughout.

I warmly recommend her.

Bill Lennox
Marketing and Communications Co-Ordinator
Career Services





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