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Te Puni Kokiri – NZ Ministry of Maori Affairs
Cartoon Illustrations for National Bi-monthly Magazine

To provide a dynamic and contemporary Cartoon Strip that is representative of Rangatahi (young people) and that connects to the theme of each Kokiri (magazine).


Kokiri is Te Puni Kokiri™ main external publication and its primary purpose is to inform Te Puni Kokiri stakeholders of its key messages.
They include, celebrating Maori achievement, realising Maori potential and Maori succeeding as Maori. Kokiri is also a vehicle for other Government departments to inform Maori of their key messages.
Kokiri has a national and international targeted distribution of 35,000. There are six Kokiri produced each year and is published every two months.

Every year since 2007 Te Puni Kokiri has produced the August-September edition of Kokiri entirely in the Maori language to showcase Maori Language week activities and to celebrate Maori Language day, 14 September. The other five editions contain a minimum of 15% Maori language content.


Each issue, we are given the theme and asked to create a story around it. We have a week to go from concept through to finished artwork and we deliver every time.

Initially, we signed up to do 8 issues and it has recently been extended for another 8 issues.



Fantastic job - we're really happy with it.
Thank you

Roihana Nuri

Kokiri Paetae Editor, Communications

Te Puni Kokiri






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