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Horowhenua District Council – Local Government
Contemporary Maori Designs for Landscaping Project

To provide designs for seven Pou that are representative of the area (Foxton) and that creates local, national and international interest.


The Horowhenua District Council are upgrading and building new swimming pools in Foxton.  They would also like to landscape the surrounding areas to create an outdoor flow that is unique to Foxton, attracting visitors & Tourists and increasing the amount of local patrons.
These designs need to capture the foundations of Foxton, reflect positive things and create interest. Therefore, Pou should be inviting and approachable and the positioning and placement of Pou should compliment the other features of this space, such as a water feature.

The Horowhenua District Council share ownership/guardianship of these Pou with the Foxton Community.


Research consisted of the past, present and future of Foxton. Gathering information from the local museum, the Foxton website and members of the community. Following research of other contemporary Pou around Aotearoa and the materials used for construction, the concept and story was created.
We came up with a rainbow, which was also fitting with the water theme. Seven colours = seven pou that represent or celebrate seven important aspects of Foxton.
The designs are so vibrant and attractive that they could be used for anything on all kinds of media.

The council is thrilled with the designs and hopes to implement this plan in the near future.



These designs are absolutely brilliant. I think we could use them on other things too – like wristbands for patrons at the pools…

Bruce Court
Creative Director

Consultant for Horowhenua District Council






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